Inovative international logistic company

VV-LOG Ltd. is the innovative international logistic company with strong knowledge in all logistics processes.

Our logistic solutions


With the added advantage of an in-house and fully accredited customs agent, we turn all sort of complicated custom documentation (Import, Export and Transit).


VV-LOG’S highly highly educated and experienced staff has complete knowledge in booking and handling of containers, rolling, bulk, conventional, consolidated cargo and passengers.

Project cargo

From components of power plants to rudder trunks – we can pre-plan, transport, secure and ship your project cargo to every destination of your choice.


Situated close to the Port allow us to be a part of the full set of Port warehouse and terminals. We can store and handle all type of cargo (Perishable Cargo, OOG cargo, Heavy cargo, Liquid cargo, etc.).

Door delivery

Wide range of truck subcontractor allow us to organize door to door cargo delivery within the whole Europe.

Transport forms

Drop us a line and will contact you soon as possibile

Import order

Order for goods that are meant to be imported from a third country or from a third territory that is not part of the customs territory of the union, to the customs territory of the union.

Export order

Order for union goods that are meant to be exported from the customs territory of the union to a third country or to a third territory that is not part of the customs territory of the union.

Transit order

Order for goods to be transported between two places in the customs territory or between several countries participating  in the transit procedure without having to pay import duties on the goods